Tips on trekking in Chaing Mai

Thailand is a beautiful country, and this is one of the most popular regions in the world for people who love nature. The natural landscape in Chaing Mai is beautiful, and this provides a beautiful avenue for people who love hiking, trekking or any other outdoor activity. If you are planning to take Chiang Mai trekking trip, you need some travel tips to make your trip successful. Once you visit Chaing Mai, you will be overwhelmed by the lush green landscape that is ideal for all types of travelers.

Trekking tips

A good pair of shoes

If you are a fan of trekking and hiking, then you know the importance of thedefsfdsfsf correct footwear. A pair of shoes can make you hate or love your entire trekking trip so make sure that you are well prepared. On your trekking adventure, it is important to keep your flip flops and sandals away.

You need shoes that will be able to protect you from scratches and rocks during your hiking experience. The best shoes are safety and waterproof shoes that protect you from water and other elements.

Drinking water

In your trekking bag, remember to carry with you a large bottle of drinking water. Thailand can get a bit hot, and you need to prepare for dehydration. Drinking water will always give you the energy to make you go further even when the sun is too hot to move.


Chaing Mai is beautiful, and you need to carry a camera to take all the important memories that you make. You are likely to meet elephants in your hiking trip, so it is important that you get prepared for this. Make sure that you carry a waterproof camera. You can never be too sure of the weather, so you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Put more casing on your camera just for additional protection of the camera.

Change of clothessdfsdfsf

After a whole day of trekking, you will feel dirty, and it is important that you have a change of clothes for the day. Make sure that you carry light clothes because it is likely to get too hot. If you are lucky, you might get a natural stream and enjoy a good swim.

Keep the environment

To preserve the beauty of Chaing Mai you need to keep the environment clean. If you carry snacks and drinks, make sure that you don’t litter the whole place with bottles and wrappings. Always keep the place clean so that your next trip can still be enjoyable.

Tips on trekking in Chaing Mai