Top reasons you should visit Canada this year

So you love to travel, and you have gone to different places, even outside your country, for the past few years. You have been in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, United Kingdom, and other beautiful countries. This year, maybe you are wondering about where to go next? If you haven’t been in Canada yet, then why not make it as your next destination? As a resident of Netherlands, all you have to do is to get an Electronic Travel Authorization, and you are all set. You can even apply for an eta in Dutch online. It’s that easy!

Why visit Canada?

dhgdhd64Canada is a lovely place, and there are so many reasons you should visit it this year. Like what we have mentioned earlier, as long as you are a Dutch national, you only need to get an eTA for travel to Canada, and you will be on your way.

Here are the reasons you should consider visiting Canada:

Impressive sceneries

When it comes to nature and other breathtaking sceneries, Canada is definitely a winner. Talk about the rainforests, lakes, mountains, caves, you name it, and you will surely find it in the said place. You can go and check out the sea caves in St. Martins; you can also check out Peggy Cove in Scotia as well as the Moraine Lake in Alberta. The list can go on and on when it comes to the impressive sceneries that you will only get to see in Canada.

Diverse cities

If you are the type of an individual who loves to ‘bar hop’, then again, Canada is a perfect destination. You will also find cool-looking tourist spots in Vancouver, Alberta, Ontario, and Ottawa. Many people decided to call these places their home because of the good quality of life that they are enjoying in the said destinations.


Friendly people

The Canadians are also among the nicest people that you will ever meet in your lifetime. They are very hospitable too, and you will surely make you feel like you ‘belong’ regardless if you are a tourist. While you are walking down the streets, you will see people smile back at you. That is just how nice they are!

Delightful foods

Another thing that you will surely love about Canada is the delightful foods. You will notice that each of the regions has their own specialties. You might put a little bit of weight on as you try all of them, but mind you, it is going to be worth it!

Top reasons you should visit Canada this year
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