Top Reasons You Should Rent A Private Villa During A Vacation

There are a plethora of hotels out there with most of them offering excellent services and with great amenities. However, there is a time you just want something more than just a hotel room to go back to after a long day of sightseeing. This is the time you should Rent a private villa in Bali. The following are top reasons why you should consider renting a private villa during a vacation.


The privacy of a private villa is ideal when you want to escape from the daily hustle, or you are looking for a romantic retreat. You need not to worry about loud guests, early wake up calls by housemaids or swimming in a swimming pool with thousands of people. A vacation villa offers you and your family the privacy you deserve on holiday. Since most holiday villas in Bali are located in gated communities or private estates, they also offer a high level of security.

Additional space

Compared to staying in a hotel especially when traveling as a large family, a villa is more affordable. Moreover, you will get more space to relax with beautiful outdoor terraces. There will be plenty of dining and living space, and the best part is that you do not have to have to make your children share a room.


Usually owned by families or individuals, private villas have a wide range of amenities from satellite TV, laundry facilities, internet access and other luxuries such as entertainment rooms, private swimming pools, fitness centers and even home theaters. Also, most of them come with multiple bathrooms, beautiful gardens, and access to a garage.

However, the major highlight of a vacation villa is probably the kitchen which is usually fully equipped. It not only helps you to save money but you can also prepare your favorite meals and eat with loved ones in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

ASAxc xCXCDasCFreedom

Vacation villas provide flexibility and freedom that cannot be matched by hotels. You can come and go anytime you please, swim at midnight, hang around all day in your nightgown and even sunbathe topless if that’s what you want.

Home away from home

Another major reason for choosing a private villa instead of a resort or a hotel is the amazing and homely experience they offer. Villas are usually designed tastefully, and they are filled with personal touches which make you feel like you are at home. The fully equipped kitchen helps you to experience the culture and lifestyle of the local area. From meeting with neighbors to shopping in the local market, a private villa gives you an experience that a hotel cannot.

Top Reasons You Should Rent A Private Villa During A Vacation
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